Organic Washi Paper Set

Organic Washi Paper Set

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We are SO excited to introduce this organic washi paper set gently handmade by a washi paper craftsman at a washi paper studio Corsoyard in a small village surrounded by beautiful mountains and river in Gifu Prefecture.  It is very difficult to find organic handmade washi paper, and even if you find one, it it normally very expensive.  We visited them to produce a set of high quality washi paper to simply enjoy the paper, something that you can experience and feel the inspiration from the paper for affordable price.  Please read about our visit to their studio in our blog HERE.

These beautiful washi paper are all different (different thickness, texture, and color (2 sheets are died with coffee!) and produced using organic materials and traditional handmade washi making tools in the traditional washi paper making process.  In order for you to enjoy the fiber of washi paper, each paper is cut using a traditional washi paper cutting technique "水切り (mizukiri)" where you put water to the place you want to cut and gently pull the paper to cut the paper.  Unlike the paper cut by a cutter, you can see and enjoy the paper fiber.

Paper is stored in little thicker handmade large washi paper which was folded in a way of "祝儀袋 (shugi fukuro)" which is a Japanese traditional paper folded envelope for gift money and tied with also handmade and hand died in red mizuhiki ribbon.  Mizuhiki is a knot used for affection, joy or celebration that is welcomed to happen again (the bow can be untied and tied many times which symbolizes "the occasion repeats").

This washi paper set is created for you to experience and enjoy high quality handmade washi paper.  The set comes with 10 different handmade washi paper in the size of 21cm x 11cm (same as Traveler's Notebook regular size).  During our visit at their studio, they showed us their different washi paper, and we carefully selected 10 kinds of washi paper that we loved and wanted to introduce to you.  They are for you to enjoy the texture, thickness, softness, fiber, color and sound (please swing the very thin paper and enjoy the sound!).  They died two of the sheets with organic coffee, and the colors are so lovely.

We hope you will enjoy Japan and Japanese traditional paper washi through this paper set!

* Size: 21cm x 11cm
* Quantity: 10 sheets
* Handmade at washi paper studio Corsoyard

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