FAQs for Restock

We have received few inquiries regarding when a sold out item would be restocked, and it depends on items.  There're 4 different types of items we have in our shop and they are:

(1)  Regular Items
Regular items are available at the stationery maker throughout a year, and we can always restock.  There are tow kinds of regular items which are:

(a) Regular Items by large stationery maker such as Midori, mt washi tapes, King Jim etc.  They normally have large stock of the products and ship our order soon, so we normally restock items from such makers within a couple of days to one week.

(b) Regular Items by small stationery maker, design studio or individual creators such as Classiky, Osco Labo, Little Stamp People, Sunny Sunday, other individual creators etc.  They often take longer to proceed our order compared to large stationery makers, and some of them such as Osco Labo produces their products after they receive an order from us.  So we normally take at least one week to one month till we restock items from them.

(2)  Limited Quantity Items
Limited Quantity Items are available only for limited quantity at the stationery maker, and once their stock is over, they will not reproduce the item(s).  Therefore, when the item is out of stock at our shop, we still order it to the maker and will restock if the maker still has stock.  However, if their stock is over, we will remove the item from our shop as it has not reproduction plan.  This kind of items are often stickers (they release new designs every couple months, and older ones are discontinued for new stickers), character items such as Rilakkuma, Sumikkogurashi, Disney, Snoopy and Sanrio.  Also seasonal items such as Christmas.

(3)  Limited Edition Items
Limited Edition items are available only for small limited quantity, and normally stationery makers take pre-order from us few months in advance and produce only the quantity they received through pre-orders.  Therefore, we cannot order for additional quantity, so when our first stock is over, we remove the item from our shop.  You see "limited edition" in the title of the item in our shop, so you know which item is a limited edition.

(4)  Discontinued Items
Discontinued items are regular items that are discontinued.  They are often discontinued for new products, for example, they will have new designs in the same series or same designer.  Currently you see "discontinued" in some products from Chamil Garden rubber stamps, Classiky and Kodomonokao.  We will restock the items as long as the maker has their stock, but once their stock is over, we will remove the item from our shop.

We will try to be as informative as possible regarding these information.  However, sometime we do not get such information beforehand and find out after our stock is over.  In that case, we will remove the item from the shop without notice.  Thank you very much for your understanding.