Planner Stickers - Bento

Planner Stickers - Bento

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These are cute bento stickers for you to track your lunch habit (if you made bento).  In Japan, it is popular to make bento or lunch box for your lunch for different reasons such as to save on lunch, to stay healthy or just for fun, and there are many cooking books just for bento.

People often make bento as fun as possible to enjoy the lunch time, and one of the popular bento side dish is "octopus sausage" that you cut one part of the sausage into 8 pieces and stir fly it to make them open to look like an octopus.  It is also popular to make a rabbit with an apple, tree with broccoli, and face with sea weed on rice.

* Size: 18.3 x 8.8cm (7.2"x3.4")
* Made in Japan
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