Limited Edition Uni-ball One - Hannari

Limited Edition Uni-ball One - Hannari

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These are the new limited edition new Uni-ball One pens from their Japanese color collection!  Each color represents something Japanese, and in this set, colors of sakura (cherry blossom which is the most beloved flower in Japan), Jade (one of the very popular stone used in Japanese art), and "kurikinton (栗きんとん)" or mushed sweet potato (popular Japanese sweets).  Available in 2 different pen width (0.38mm / 0.5mm) or set of all colors.

The Uni-ball One is a gel ink pen which comes with the newly developed ink that has larger pigment particles that are less absorbed into the paper surface which unable the ink to show its color more darker and vivid.  The ink dries fast, and it writes smooth.  You will enjoy writing with it!


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