Iromoyo Stamp Ink - 紅色 (Red)

Iromoyo Stamp Ink - 紅色 (Red)

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In Japan, 赤色 (red) is the color of red colors in general, and 紅色 (beni iro) is the red which is brighter or if you want to describe the color to be brighter than regular red.  For example, we call autumn leaf 紅葉 which literally means "red leaf" but when we imagine the color of 紅葉 we know the red is more than the regular red.  Even if the color is dark red or regular red, but when you use 紅 (beni), you feel the brightness and somehow positive feeling from the red.

Most of the color names in Japan originate from the names of nature, and this Shachihata "Iromoyo" ink pads series was created for you to enjoy more Japanese traditional colors.  This is an oil-based pigment ink which creates sharp and bright result for the stamped image.  The waterproof ink dries faster than water-based pigment ink like Versa Magic, and the ink pad case can be stacked for easy storage.

We tried this ink on different paper including Traveler's Notebook, MD notebook and Hobonichi techo, and unfortunately this would not be the best ink for Hobonichi techo due to its paper.  With traveler's notebook inserts, we ourselves are ok with this ink's ghost (not bleed through but you can still see the image on the back of the page), but if you prefer to have less ghosting on paper, you may want to check out our Versamagic stamp ink collections and soramame stamp inks which are also available in our shop.  

We still love using this ink for our Hobonichi techo and Traveler's Notebook (we use blank refill insert for travel journal) in spite of ghosting, so when using we normally decorate the next page (back of the page) with papers to hide the ghosting.  We love how fast the ink dries and the colors and sharpness of the stamped image the ink offers (which is difficult for water-based ink).

* Ink Pad Surface: 6.3cm x 4cm (2.5" x 1.5")
* Ink: oil-based pigment ink
* Acid free
* Made in Japan
* More Shachihata Inks HERE

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