CTFJ x eric Postcards & Postage Stamp Set (2 desgins)

CTFJ x eric Postcards & Postage Stamp Set (2 desgins)

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We are super excited to introduce our special products in collaboration with eric, a Japanese eraser stamp artist!  This product was originally made for a stationery event called Kamihaku (紙博) in Mino city where artists got together with their beautiful original products.  As the event was held near July 23rd which is Letter Writing Day in Japan, so we produced 2 postcards and 2 postage stamps!  The postage stamps of eric design was produced by Japan Post, so they are real postage stamps that you can use in Japan!

We wanted to do something fun and also eco-friendly, so we made the postcards of bamboo paper.  In Japan, there are many bamboo forests near houses, and as bamboo grows so fast (they grow 8m in average in one year), someone has to take care of the forest by cutting old bamboo or they fall down over the road or their roots goes under the farm and damage the soil.  In the past, many people used bamboo for their living tools and bamboos in the forest were in good care, but today as we don't use bamboo that much anymore, many bamboos were left without care.  Bamboo paper made of bamboo is one of the ways to help the bamboo forest and us people living peacefully together, so we made our postcards using bamboo paper.  Bamboo paper shows a little dull yellowish color somewhat gives retro feeling and has a little different paper texture, but it does not bother when writing.  Each postcard comes with matching postage stamp designed by eric and made by Japan Post!

Available in 2 designs: Japan or Camp.  This time, we offer a fun option for you.  You can select from "shipped with order" and "shipped separately with pictorial postmark".  If you select "shipped with order", we will simply ship with your order as always, but if you select "shipped separately", we will send the postcard separately through a post office in Mino and ask them to ship the card with their pictorial postmark (a special postmark that some post offices in Japan have).  eric and I went to the post office in Mino to get their pictorial postmark as a souvenior, and we thought it would be fun if you can receive a card through a post office in Mino so that you can enjoy the Kamihaku event in Mino through the postcard.  You can see the pictorial postmark of Mino city in the last picture.  Pictorial postmark shows something famous in the area, and their postmark shows a traditional washi paper making process and washi paper hand scroll together with the scenery of Mino city.  Please note that if shipped through Mino post office, it will take about 1 to 2 or more depending on the country to arrive.

* Size: 10cm x 14.8cm (3.9" x 5.8")
* Illustrator: eric
* Made in Japan
* More Postcards HERE

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