TSL Brass Pen

TSL Brass Pen

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This is a brass pen handmade by The Superior Labor, a Japanese company with a team of skilled craftsmen based in Okayama Japan who produce high quality leathers and canvas products.  The indented rings provide a comfortable grip, and its good balance of thickness and weight offers you a great writing experience.

The pen holder is inserted with a black 0.5mm Zebra SARASA gel ink pen refill.  You can use any Zebra SARASA refills for this pen, so if you wish to have another color or would like to order additional refills of any colors from SARASA refills, please contact us.  The pen is packaged in a blue suede leather pocket.  Enjoy how the brass ages over the time.

* Size: 13.5cm (5.3")
* Diameter: 0.8mm (0.3")
* Material: brass
* Handmade in Japan

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