Bobbin Maker

Bobbin Maker

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This is a Bungu Jyoshi Award winning bobbin maker from Kokuyo Bobbin series.  As shown in the video below, you can make your own "bobbin washi tape" by rolling a washi tape (up to 1.5cm width) around a bobbin core inside a bobbin maker reel.  For more detail on how to use this Bobbin series, please check a blog post by our friend April.  She explains how to use it with step-by-step pictures.

The bobbin maker reel comes with one reel and two bobbin cores.  A set of 6 cores are also available, so if you want to make more than 2 "bobbin washi tapes", please purchase the core set as well.  The petit cutter comes with a set of 3 cutters.

* Reel Size: W7.6cm x D4.5cm x H6cm
* Bobbin Core Size: W2.1cm x D2.1cm x H1.8cm
* Pettit Cutter Size: W3cm x D2.3cm x D2.2cm

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