Die-cut Washi Tape - Soft Cream

Die-cut Washi Tape - Soft Cream

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Die-cut washi tape of cute soft serve ice cream design from melty washi tape series great for decorating your planner and journal.

In Japan, soft served ice cream is called "soft cream".  Joji Tanaka, the founder of a Japanese company called Nissei, came to know about soft served ice cream from Americans and first introduced soft served ice cream to Japan in 1950s.  As he thought "soft served ice cream" was too long for Japanese people to remember, he named it for "soft cream" and started selling in Japan.  So if you come to Japan and order soft served ice cream, make sure to say "soft cream" (pronounced like "sofuto kurimu". :)

* Size: 1.8cm x 5m (0.7" x 5.4 yards)
* Made in Japan
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