Mildliner BRUSH - Shibu

Mildliner BRUSH - Shibu

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These are mildliner marker pens in brush pen!  The pen is double sided, and the one side is a brush pen and the other is a thin marker.  The ink is the same as regular Mildliner pens.  These colors are gently kind to eyes.  These pens are designed with ink that do not leak or smudge, and the pen nibs come in thick and thin sized on either end. These markers are great for your planners, Traveler's Notebooks and Hobonichi techo!  You can find other colors from the Mildliner series HERE.  Available in individual color or in a set of 5 colors that comes in a package.

Colors are:
- Mild Red
- Mild Violet
- Mild Gray
- Mild Dark Blue
- Mild Green

* Double-ended markers with a brush tip and a finer tip.
* Brand: ZEBRA
* More Writing Tools HERE

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