Postcard - Happy Mail Day

Postcard - Happy Mail Day

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We are so happy introduce our new original products in collaboration with one of our favorite Japanese stationery companies Furukawa Paper!  We wrote about how our collaboration started and who Furukawa Paper is in our special edition journal, so we will enclose it with this item.  Furukawa Paper designed the front page of the newsletter.

This is a cute postcard printed by so-called "retro printing technique using risograph printing machine".  Unlike regular printing technique where the colors are printed on paper at the same time, printing using this machine is proceeded one color at a time.  The paper is inserted in the machine and printed with the first color, and then the paper goes out of the machine and do the same process with another color again.  What is fun about this printing technique is that the printing comes with unplanned misprint.  Normally misprint is a failure, but some people (like me) love this misprint as "aji (in Japanese we say "aji ga aru" meaning "It has a taste" for something with a fun uniqueness).   If you look at this postcard, you see some white part around some envelopes, and that is a misprint which we would like to call "aji".  We hope you will enjoy this retro printing "aji" through this postcard!

* Size: 10cm x 14.8cm (3.9" x 5.8")
* Made in Japan
* Limited Edition
* More Furukawa Paper Items HERE

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