[Info about additional slot] eric x CTFJ are going to San Francisco Pen Show this summer!

**As the ticket got sold out very fast that many people missed the ticket, we decided to offer additional slot and found an available room on Friday August 25th.  We will start selling additional tickets at 9:00am PT on JULY 14th 2023.  Please go to the link in this blog post at 9:00am PT on JULY 14th.  The link will be activated at 9:00am, so until then you cannot see the page.  We hope to see you at the workshop!**

Thank you very much for your kind support to our little shop.  I opened my little online shop in 2014 to help my penpals overseas who were looking for a place to buy cute stationery and letter sets from Japan, and in 2018 we opened our first physical shop in Tokyo.  Then in 2020, we had to close our physical shop only after 1.5 years due to the pandemic and we were back to online shop again.  It was very difficult for us to put the physical shop behind us, but our many overseas customers always supported us and sent us messages to cheer us up.  And with those support, on May 30th in 2023, we could re-open our new physical shop at a new location.  We are forever thankful for your kind support.

During the pandemic, CTFJ team member, me, my sister Junko and my friend Kyoko, were always talking about how we can say thank you to you in person and tell how much we appreciate for your support.  So when we had an opportunity to attend the San Francisco International Pen Show 2023, we thought this would be our first opportunity to do so and immediately called our friend eric, a Japanese eraser stamp artist who also always told us that she wanted to say thank-you to her overseas fans.  So, as a co-sponsor, Cute Things from Japan will invite eric to San Francisco International Pen Show 2023 this August and do a special workshop to share her stamp magic!

The ticket of the workshop will be sold at 9:00am PT on JULY 14th through TRAVELER'S COMPANY USA who is also a co-sponsor of our workshop.  Please read the below information regarding the workshop and ticket, and please go check the link below when the tickets become available at 9:00am PT on JULY 14th (the link will be active at 9:00am PT on JULY 14th or the ticket will be uploaded as one of the items in their web shop HERE (you need to scroll down to see them at 9am PT)).  We really hope to meet you in San Francisco in August!!

**Please read below for more information about the workshop and tickets**

Journal and document your everyday experience using TRAVELER’S notebook. A fun way to decorate the empty pages is through rubber stamp impressions. At San Francisco Pen Show 2023, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA is honored to co-sponsor a special class with Cute Things From Japan, who invited eric small things all the way from Japan to share her rubber stamp magic. eric small things is a famous eraser stamp artist in Japan and has created popular stamp designs using erasable rubber for brands like Sakuralala, Pilot, Kamihaku, and more. 

This interactive demo with eric small things gives you an opportunity to see her hand-carving process and stories about this craft. Bring your journal or use the provided TRAVELER’S COMPANY refills to decorate and customize your unique notebook. eric also designed and carved original rubber stamps with the San Francisco motif. You’ll also have the rare chance to play with her collection of original hand-carved eraser rubber stamps.

Co-sponsor Cute Things From Japan will supply additional collaging materials such as stickers, washi tapes, pens, and glue to allow participants to enjoy collaging in your TRAVELER’S notebook. 

One slot is available, with 30 attendees per class. 

8/25 Friday – 10:00 - 11:30 AM (Ticket HERE)

Ticket price: $80 per person (Ticket includes one set of eric small things stationery pack and 2 TRAVELER’S notebook refills Passport Size)

Location: San Francisco Pen Show 2023 (more information here). This ticket does not include the entrance fee for the pen show which needs to be purchased separately. 
The Westin San Francisco Airport Hotel 
1 Old Bayshore Hwy
Millbrae, CA 94030

*Details such as the workshop room location at the pen show venue will be announced closer to the date of the event.

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