Washi Tape - Kumikikkou Green

Washi Tape - Kumikikkou Green

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This washi tape is from mt "wamon (和紋)" series great for your craft project and embellishment!  This pattern is called Kumikikkou (組亀甲) which literary means a pattern of turtle shells, and it is an auspicious pattern in Japan as a turtle shell is a symbol of long healthy life (turtle shell is hard and strong - symbol of a strong healthy body).  Also it is a symbol of success in business.  If you like Japanese food, you may have heard of a famous Japanese company Kikkoman established in 1917 known for its soy sauce, and they use Kikkou motif for their trade mark.

* Size: 1.5cm x 10m (0.6 inch x 11 yards)
* Made in Japan
* acid/lignin free
* More mt HERE

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