Planner Stickers - Feelings

Planner Stickers - Feelings

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This MIDORI's "feeling stickers" is for you to document your feelings on your planner.  You can of course use these as regular weather stickers to document weathers, but these weather icons represents your feelings.  From left (rainbow) to right (thunder), the icons represent very good to very bad.

According to MIDORI, these stickers are for you to not only to keep track of your feelings / condition but also to manage them.  For example, if you have a week filled with very good icons, maybe the week was fulfilled but at the same time it means very busy week, so it is a sign for you to slow down on the weekend.  Or if you have a so-so week with only "usual" stickers, you may want to plan something fun on the weekend.

* Size: 18.3cm x 8.8cm (7.2"x3.4")
* Made in Japan
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