Memoterior Touch Memo Pad - Zara Zara

Memoterior Touch Memo Pad - Zara Zara

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This memo pad is from "Memoterior Touch" memo pad series by a Japanese paper company Kamiterior.  "Zara zara" means rough in Japanese, and this memo pad comes with 5 different zara zara paper carefully selected by the owner of Kamiterior for you to enjoy zara zara paper!

We met Mr. Yoshizawa, the owner of Kamiterior, at one of the stationery exhibition, and we were so inspired by his love and passion for paper.  We visited his office few times after that to learn more about paper and see his huge paper collection.  He said he wanted people to enjoy more of the paper quality like texture, color, sound, and that is why he made this "touch" series.  These are all white paper, but as you can see, they are slightly different in color and texture.  You will surely enjoy these zara zara paper!

* Size: 9.1cm x 13.2cm (3.5" x 5.1")
* Quantity: 5 different paper, 20 sheets each
* Made in Japan

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