Limited KITTA Stickers Set with Special KITTA Gift

Limited KITTA Stickers Set with Special KITTA Gift

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This is a limited special KITTA set of 6 new KITTAs with one special KITTA which only comes in this special set.  Please check the designs on the KITTA which come in this set in the photos (6 new KITTAs) and the gift KITTA is shown in the 2nd picture which comes only in this set and will not be sold separately.  

KITTA is a handy portable sticker set in a cute package.  Each sticker is pre-cut to 5cm long of 4 different designs (10 pieces per design).  You can tuck the cover in the bottom (the white area that says KITTA) to keep it closed.  They are hot-stamped KITTA stickers which beautifully shine in reflection of light.  There is a pre-cut in this KITTA which you can use as 2 stickers or 1 sticker as you wish.

* Size: 1.5cm x 5cm (0.6" x 1.96")
* Material: washi tape
* Quantity: 40 stickers
* Set of 6 KITTA and 1 gift KITTA
* 4 designs, 10 sheets per design
* Limited Quantity / No Restock
* More KITTA Stickers HERE

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