Limited Edition Uni Style Fit - Disney

Limited Edition Uni Style Fit - Disney

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This is a collection of Uni x Disney collaboration Style Fit pen bodies.  Style Fit offers you to choose your favorite body and mix and choose your favorite colors to create your own multi-pen combination.  The ink for Style Fit is the same ink of Uni Signo ink.  The bodies of Donald Duck and Alien hold 3 refill inks, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey & Minnie hold 4 refill inks, and Chip & Dale and Toy Story hold 5 refill inks.  The matching Disney limited edition refill inks are available HERE.

When using, please twist the bottom part of the pen to open the body, and push a refill ink to the hold inside until it clicks.  Close the bottom part after inserting all the refill inks.  If you wish us to insert inks for you when shipping, please leave us a not at the time of check out.  We will have them all set up in the body for you.

Please note that these are pen bodies, so you need refill inks to use them.  There are matching Disney collaboration refill inks also available in our shop.  Regular Style Fit refill inks are also interchangable for them, so if you wish to order regular ones without Disney design, please contact us for pre-order.

Style Fit is one of the most popular multi pen systems in Japan especially among planner users because it offers pen refill inks of 0.28mm wide pen tip.  This works great especially if you want to write in a small area such as a monthly section of your planner.  Also if your handwriting is small or you write Chinese characters regularly, you will love it.  Japanese language use Chinese characters, and even with 0.5mm tip width, if the characters are complicated such as 感謝 (thank you), the writing can be smudged.  You can write small words or complicated characters very clearly with 0.28mm.

* Holds 3 ink refills (Donald Duck, Alien)
* Holds 4 ink refills (Winnie the Pooh, Mickey&Minnie)
* Holds 5 ink refills (Chip&Dale, Toy Story)
* Uni x Disney Collaboration
* Limited Edition / No Restock
* More Uni Style Fit series HERE

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