Memo Pad - Botanical

Memo Pad - Botanical

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This is a "ippitsu sen" memo pad designed by a Japanese eraser stamp artist HUTTE.  HUTTE is known for its beautiful botanical motif design eraser artist, and these designs were made in a way that she engraved the beautiful and detailed designs on erasers and those stamped images were used for these designs.

"Ippitsusen" literally means "one stroke writing paper" in Japanese that you use to write a short message within a couple of sentences, but they are also great for to-do list for your planner, short letter, thank you message to go with small gift, or simply for memo pad.

* Size: 8cm x 16.8cm (3.14" x 6.14")
* Design: 2 designs (10 sheets each)
* Quantity: 20 sheets
* Designer: HUTTE.
* Made in Japan
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