Donuts Seal Stamp - Fun

Donuts Seal Stamp - Fun

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This is a unique donuts seal stamp for your planner decoration, ring reinforcement and stickers.  The set comes with a donuts seal stamp holder and stickers in 3 designs (one design is already stored in the holder).  Each sticker is 14.5mm in diameter, and 6mm in diameter of the hole.  If you keep the holder's cap open, you can simply use it for stamping a sticker.  You can find other designs HERE.

**How to Use (ring reinforcement)**
(1) Open the cap of the holder.
(2) Install the little dot inside the cap to the ring hole.
(3) Stamp the sticker by pressing the holder to the paper.
(4) Close the cap after using.

**How to Change Stickers**
(1) Press the button (6th photo) to uninstall a stick from the inside.
(2) Remove the stickers at the tip of the stick if any.
(3) Put the sticker refill to the tip of the stick (make sure the sticky side is not facing the holder).
(4) Press the stick back to the holder.

* Contents: 1 holder and 3 stickers refills
* Each refill comes with 30 stickers.
* 3 different design stickers
(1 sticker is inserted already in the holder)

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