2024 Calendar - 365 Japanese Colors

2024 Calendar - 365 Japanese Colors

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This is a one-page-a-day calendar which takes you to a little journey to Japan every day through 365 Japanese colors.  Many names of the Japanese colors come from nature, animals and culture, and this calendar introduces all different Japanese colors each day for 365 days.  We hope that you will enjoy a little journey to Japan through this calendar and when you can travel freely again, come to Japan and see and enjoy those colors yourself!

What we love the most about this calendar is that each color is presented with a picture of the motif or theme of the color so that even if you have never seen the real young bamboo tree, you know what the color of 若竹色 (wakatake iro) which means "young bamboo (wakatake) color (iro)" because the picture of young bamboo is presented with the color.

On the calendar, there is no English reading or meaning, so we will translate each color for you and will send it to you by email attached document at the latest October 31st 2023 so that you can know how the color is pronounced and what the name literally means in English.  We hope this translation sheet will help you enjoy the calendar and Japan even more, and also enjoy using the removed calendar for your planner and journal decoration!

* Size: 8.7cm x 17cm (3.4” x 6.6")
* Page-a-day style calendar
* English translation of each color will be sent by email by Oct. 31st 2023
* Made in Japan
* Limited Quantity / No Restock

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