Die-cut Mini Letter Set - Sweet Bread

Die-cut Mini Letter Set - Sweet Bread

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This is a cute letter set of die-cut sweet bread from Furukawa Paper's "bread series".  The set comes with 6 writing paper (3 designs, 2 sheets per design) and 3 envelopes of high quality Japanese mino washi paper.

These 3 sweet breads are anpan (filled with red bean paste), cream pan (filled with custard cream) and melon pan (in a shape of a melon, crunchy and sweet outside and fluffy inside) all of which are popular in Japan.

* Paper: 8cm x 7cm (3.1" x 2.7")
* Envelope: 12cm x 8.2cm (4.7" x 3.2")
* Quantity: 6 paper, 3 envelopes
* Material: Mino Washi
* Made in Japan
* More Furukawa Paper Items HERE

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