Letter Set - Oni

Letter Set - Oni

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Cute letter set titled "Oni (ogre in Japanese) illustrated by a Japanese illustrator Yuki Itoi known for her colorful cozy illustrations, great for your letter writing. High quality Japanese Mino washi paper is used for this letter set. The set comes with 12 writing paper and 4 envelopes.

These illustrated ogres are those who live up on the clouds and make thunders.  In Japan, kids are told to hide their belly when they hear a thunder because those ogres will come to get their belly button (so that they keep their belly warm in the weather like thunder when a cold wind would blow).

* Paper: 18cm x 14.5cm (7.12" x 5.7")
* Envelope: 16.5cm x 9.4cm (6.49" x 3.7")
* Illustrated by Yuki Itoi
* Made in Japan
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